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Costume Designer

From my desktop computer on youtube I can go to my music video playlist and have it randomly play music videos.    The app on the hopper3 has no such capability.   It can play my playlist but it plays it in the same order every time.  there is no shuffle play.   very dissapointing.   I had high hopes for the youtube app when I got my hopper but it's proved to be not very useful.    Dish has continually let me down with anything to do with music.  from their feeble and completely bug filled Home Media application and now youtube.   things are thrown at the wall so you can say it sticks,  but it seems there is no effort to make it useful.  

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Re: youtube application

Supporting Role
The youtube app is built by Google and maintained by Google, Just like the Netflix app. Anything missing on it, would need to be taken up with Google. Because of Google, is also why it’s not available on the Joeys.