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I was with Directv for 12 years.  Just switched to Dish.  LOVE IT!!  Best thing i have done in years!  I love how easy the remote is to use. Home button is great!! I have one HUGE suggestion for Dish.  Pick a botton on remote (maybe the up arrow) to pull up our favorite 8 channels or something. Even better, maybe 12. (Directv has 9) This is the only feature i TRULEY miss from Directv. Other than that, Dish kicks Directv butt! I hope this does not get lost in the shuffle. Keep up the good work!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Glad to hear you're loving your DISH service! I hope you find this site as a great resource to talk to others about your service.


That's a great suggestion! I will forward it for you to the appropriate team!


In the meantime, check out our Favorites feature built in to your guide here