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dishanywhere access to hopper


After a support call where the tech rep reported 31 episodes of the Colbert show are on my Hopper, I compared this to only 29 episodes of Colbert Show on my view of the recordings via DishAnywhere web app at a remote site.


For the past 2 days I noted that the Dishanywhere list of recording had not updated.  It is common if I come home at night at my vacation residence that I am unable to see the Colbert show in the recordings at 12:30 am after the show.  The only way I can view it commonly in the first 24 hours after the show is to sit during the one-hour show and move the marker on the continuum to the start.


Please also consider having another branch of your phone tree for "Dish Anywhere tech support", especially on the week of new software versions of your player.