Using Dish Voice Remote with Google Assistant can invade your privacy

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Using Dish Voice Remote with Google Assistant can invade your privacy


I received recently Dish Voice Remote with Google Assistant. Before I even open the package I did some investigation regarding using Google Assitant and agreeing with their terms to be able to use all the functionalities. Since I am very concern about my privacy. I remembered a 60 minutes TV show a few weeks ago regarding how some Amazon customers were concern that when Alexa is on , it was hearing normal house conversations. According to Amazon corporate representative when they were interviewed they admit that the techy engineers were aware of this, but it was designed that way for the device to continue learning new commands . They continue saying that they do not keep supposely that information being heard by Alexa, They added that when you are not using it, just disconnect it  witha voice command.

I was shocked that those voice recognition devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and now Dish Voice Remote may do the same. By agreeing to Google assistant terms and voice recognition you are consenting their acess to your home

Google patently does NOT care  about my or anyone else's privacy, as evidenced by their behavior.

If you do not wish to agree, which is understandable, you can choose the Disable Voice search option on the first page you see when pressing the Mic button.  You will still get to keep text search at least.However with limited functionalities.I am leaning not keeping it and return it. If theyf orced me to use it, I will just quit Dish subscription for over twenty yeras. That simple.

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Re: Using Dish Voice Remote with Google Assistant can invade your privacy

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The Google Assistant only starts listening when you press the microphone button. It is a hands on device. It does not proactively listen like the google minis or Google homes.

Re: Using Dish Voice Remote with Google Assistant can invade your privacy

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Google Assistant is an evasion of your privacy..Don't let Dish tell you otherwise, as they will try!    Google Assistant collects data; i.e. channels you watch, your location, length of time you spend watching programing etc and any browswing or shopping you do via your internet connecton to Hopper.   Users will be targeted with garpage adds and Google will use yoiur data info to their best interest..   I am very upset that dish took a search funtion away that was part of my service which i was paying for, and they have no plans to reimburse my monthhly for this loss..  As soon as my contract expries with Dish, I will be shoping  for another TV source provider..    Many local TV companies are now overing their version of Voice Search without evasion of privacy isues..   Dish is making lots of $$ with this change via their partnership with Google, as Google pays highly for the data they are extracting from most 'unware' Dish Viewers..   All i have to say,,  be carefull Dish Viewsers.. I would not activafte this search function... The minute you accept the Google Terms of servcice, you bit onto their hook..    Just Don't do it!  And voice your concern to Dish... Remimber, DO NO LET DISH TELL YOU YOUR DATA IS PRIVATE..  Read Google Terms of servie and you will learn otherwise