Resolution for poor satellite signal

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Resolution for poor satellite signal

Character Actor

I have a suggestion for resolving all of the many complaints leveled at satellite television providers regarding loss of signal during inclement weather.
I have taken a 36” elliptical dish, which was originally used for GlobeCast, and adapted the Dish Network Hybrid LNB to it. My average signal strength jumped 15%, and I no longer lose signal even in very heavy rain.
I’ve often wondered why satellite television providers don’t offer a larger reflector for customers in fringe areas or in areas prone to heavy rain. Doing so would take away the number one reason why many potential customers opt for cable or Internet television.

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Re: Resolution for poor satellite signal

Costume Designer

I have never heard of that before,  But I am glad someone tried something different and it's working for you.   I have had DirecTv and always lost my signal even in a little storm but now I switched to Dish We had a real bad storm come through and it only went out for a few minutes at most. It was a relief to have it not go out for a half an hour like the other did.  


Ya know what 's nice is at least Dish Network comes back on after you lose the signal in bad weather, My other provider always took 15 to 20 minutes to fire back up and so far the dish nework only took maybe five minutes that would be long if that.


I am glad to know there something out here we can do to make it a bit more stable in bad weather and thanks for letting us know.   Oh btw what did your signal go up too and what was it before you putting a larger dish up.  


Thanks in advance...... Smiley Happy