Programming Dish Remote for Apple TV gen4

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Programming Dish Remote for Apple TV gen4


It would be a big help if Dish created a Pairing Code for use with Apple TV generation 4.


After much trial and error, ended up wiping clean all learned codes and then teaching the Aux portion of the model 54 remote each of the individual action codes. I used as a source the TV controller for my Sony TV. It has all the functions needed to control Apple TV, including volume, directional keypad, and play controls. It is not perfect but very usable. I still have to use the Apple TV remote to activate Apple TV and trigger the TV to switch to that input. The mapping of functions to the dish remote isn't perfect but good enough.


Along the way, I learned that teaching the codes was not foolproof, sometimes taking several tries. Possibly the LED room lights were adding confusion to the process. If the programming of a button was not successful, the Aux light flashes only momentarily when the button is pressed.


Anyway, Dish Tech support told me that it cannot be done! Well, it can.


Now it would be nice to simply choose a pairing code or aux device name. That would have saved me about two days of trial and error!