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Navigation on the Dish Network website

Why does DISH make things so difficult to navigate.  I simply asked for the Smithsonian channel info.  What I get back was a page full of hyper-links, litterally going nowhere.  Is the whole reason of the DN to baffle those who would like to make some sort of complaint with out having the means to do so.


This is the closest I have been able to make a true complaint, but as it is on a discussion board, I will guess that it goes nowhere but to fellow propeller heads.  It amazes me how more and more companies adopt this means, which brings a picture to mind of a kid with his fingers in his ears, making outlandish noises so as not to hear anyone.  Really, this is atrocious service to all customers.

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Re: Navigation on the Dish Network website

Screen Writer
What information about Smithsonian were you looking for?