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Google Assistant not good

Costume Designer

I am having issues just posting here,  Now with google assistant it sucks I can't use my joey anymore with voice it always says not working,  It's been nothing but a pain in the neck.  I wish "DishNetwork would of gave us an option to use it or not, Now I can't find anything it brings me to Youtube most of the time without anything I was asking for this is VERY ANNOYING to say the least.

I can't use my Joey 3 either room they will not go anywhere and say Google Assitant can't Perform what I wanted it to do, Before this NIGHTMARE of a new app it was AWESOME.  Now it sucks I am not happy at all with this My Hopper 3 doesn't do anything it used to do,   This is very frustrating and I more than likely will just use the guide because this really sucks,  I just can't believe Dish did this,  IT DON'T WORK RIGHT DISH NETWORK AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT BACK OR FIX IT SO WHEN I SEARCH I CAN FIND WHAT i AM  LOOKING FOR.   this does not do what its suppose to do are what it used to do. 

Please Dish I  know I am fairly new to Dish but this is a real turn off for me and I really don't like google search at all.  I can't state enough how unimpressed I am with the change.  AT least you could of gave the people that are paying the Bills have say in it.  Oh one more Question.  How much is google paying you ?  I feel much less secure and have to worry about some idiot hacking my system now.  


Good luck with people because I have searched and can't find anyone saying anything nice about it !!!!

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Re: Google Assistant not good


My nieghbor loves it.  He lives alone and is a kinda lonely guy. 


He says:


"why the heck would I want to just press a button when I can talk to my remote for 5 minutes.  If I say the right things it even talks back and we can have a half hour conversation.


So why would I want to replace that with a single press of a button?"


Sadly I do not agree with him.

Re: Google Assistant not good

DISH Employee

We partnered with Google because they take privacy concerns as seriously as we do here at DISH. Their platform allowed us the best technology, safety measures, and ability to expand features in the future. Hopefully you enjoy your DISH service, and we believe that this partnership with Google will only make the experience better.


Whenever you use command using the new Google Voice controls, we recommend using phrases like "HGTV on DISH" or "Go to DVR on DISH" as this should help with the Google Commands and as the Google system is being updated it will be learning new and better ways of interacting with the DISH system. 


Re: Google Assistant not good

Camera Crew

That is a joke. Google being investigated for antitrust and also for limiting content of only showing you content they want you to see. They collect your personal data and sell it to vendors. I for one will be going back to Directv shortly. This Google assistant is for the lamebrained.

Re: Google Assistant not good

Costume Designer

Google Assistant is an evasion of your privacy..Don't let Dish tell you otherwise, as they will try!    Google Assistant collects data; i.e. channels you watch, your location, length of time you spend watching programing etc and any browswing or shopping you do via your internet connecton to Hopper.   Users will be targeted with garpage adds and Google will use yoiur data info to their best interest..   I am very upset that dish took a search funtion away that was part of my service which i was paying for, and they have no plans to reimburse my monthhly for this loss..  As soon as my contract expries with Dish, I will be shoping  for another TV source provider..    Many local TV companies are now overing their version of Voice Search without evasion of privacy isues..   Dish is making lots of $$ with this change via their partnership with Google, as Google pays highly for the data they are extracting from most 'unware' Dish Viewers..   All i have to say,,  be carefull Dish Viewsers.. I would not activafte this search function... The minute you accept the Google Terms of servcice, you bit onto their hook..    Just Don't do it!  And voice your concern to Dish... Remimber, DO NO LET DISH TELL YOU YOUR DATA IS PRIVATE..  Read Google Terms of servie and you will learn otherwise  

Re: Google Assistant not good

Audio Engineer

Any updates of when Dish Network Corporation (DNC) will allow us to use the voice remote without Google Assistant?  Ever since DNC took this service away from us, we have not been compensated or given any real reason why they went from an operational good voice-activated remote, to a defective YouTube remote.


Supposedly our concerns have been upwardly reported to management, but we only get Jason replies.  Hey Jason, how about posting something here from corporate (DNC).  Millions of us yell F-Google.  DNC knew this.  DNC forced this on us without notification.  DNC knows that GOOG takes our privacy with $$$ return.