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So dish takes away fox sports, HBO and cinemax but we pay the same amount as when we had these channels. But dish says that they’re better than direct tv because direct tv raises prices...but you get to keep these channels. I don’t see a difference, raise prices and keep your favorites or lose your favorites but don’t get a refund. The other satellite carriers, both big and small managed to retain these channels. Must be better negotiators or just care about what their customers want more than dish does. Sports fans should all dump dish since they basically dumped us!!!!
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Charges went down after HBO and Cinemax were removed on 11/1/18. You can review you October, November andDecember bills to confirm. This is because those channels are charged separately and independently. Also, Directv still has those channels because they own them(ATT owns HBO/Max and DTV).

You do not pay on a per channel basis, and your prices also do not go up when they add channels either.