Failure to produce promised gift cards

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Failure to produce promised gift cards


I signed up with Dish in April with the promise of a $300 gift card.  My efforts to obtain my card have been frustrated, with Caliper the sales organization and Dish keep passing me off to each other.  Caliper maintains that they can do nothing to facilitate the process unless they have the elusive "Promotion Code".  They claim that I was to receive a "Flyer" from Dish that included a nine-digit "Code".  Dish representitives appear to know nothing about such a number, but one maintained that CARD300 was all I needed.  Caliper rejected that notion.  Another representitive from Dish was also in the dark, but finally said he would issue a $100 card or refer me to someone higher on the food chain.  I opted for that when I was "cut off".  Today I talked to three representives from both DIsh and Caliper, spending well over an hour to get nothing done on this issue. 


Howard Carroll

Dish Account: **bleep** 9091 3901 9142