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Erroneous informations

I see a dish Network sucks Facebook page. I have complaints all right because they have cost me money I did not need to spend. I called last night and asked about dish anywhere how I could hook up to it.. and the man told me I needed a Wi-Fi broadband USB connection and plug it into the Wally. They told me they had them for about $25 in the store and at Best buy probably had them but he didn't know for how much. So I went online to find the Dish Store on their site and could not find one. So I called Best buy up on South Hill Puyallup Washington and they had Netgear 7000 they said would work well since I was new at gaming to. whatever that have to do with anything I don't know, I just wanted dish anywhere so I could leave and watch a football game on my cell phone are on my tablet. Well it turns out I wasted $71 with tax because the next person I talk to at dish got a little excited on the phone and said what did that have to do with anything. He told me I needed the Hopper ! So it reminds me of when I first got my dish antenna satalite put up on the roof of my RV they would not give me a Hopper with a joey because they said it would not work with my rooftop satellite antenna that I bought and paid to have installed. So now I find out that also was wrong information. So if I had had the hopper I could have had dish anywhere and watched football or new shows on my cell phone or my tablet anywhere. So a warning to anyone wanting to sign up with dish Network hopefully you get the right information before you buy into it and it cost you a lot of money that you don't need to spend! Can't trust Dish as they know my issues and have not offered any help. Especially with the hopper thing because it takes another hookup on the roof or something ... Would be cost prohibited now. Un-trustworthy and non caring for their customers.
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Re: Erroneous informations

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The rep that told you about the WiFi adapter was very wrong.

As far as the Hopper and the rooftop antenna, depends on the antenna. In most cases, that is correct. Especially considering the LNB needed(or in some cases, a switch).