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Get a different provider. Dish customer service does not care about its customers. I have been a customer off and on for 8-10years. I recently downgraded my package. Upon doing so they shipped me return boxes with labels provided. However they send me a bill stating they did not receive the products, such as a few joeys and remotes. Upon rec3the bill i called support to inform them that i took them to a authorized ups location 2 months ago. They replied that they do not show up in their system and pretty muvh tuff luck pay up! So sick of big business routing the people. What use do i have for some deactivated joeys?!? So i strongly suggest firestick anything other than outdated satelite programming. They are on their way out and they know it. Thats why they dont take care of the customers.
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The UPS Store would have given you a receipt with a tracking number on it when you dropped off the packages. Do you still have it?  I always keep those things until it has been confirmed that the item arrived its destination.