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Autoplay problem

Maybe Dish needs to take a page from Directv and get their heads out of their asses and fix a large problem. I switched from DirecTV a month ago and I'm ready to switch back. The problem with autoplay is a large problem and you are not even trying to correct it. You have known of this problem for over a year. The autoplay does not work and it tries to play latest recording instead of earliest episode, if i binge watch a show, i dont want to work my way backwards. And definitely do not want to hit autoplay every 2 or 3 episodes. DIRECTV has it that you hit the show and it automatically plays all episodes in correct order, will even continue where you left off without you searching for said episode.. Dish you are dropping the ball and players are leaving to join a better game on Directvs court.
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Re: Autoplay problem

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Directv lost 1.3 million subscribers, and Dish gained 166k last quarter alone. That last sentence of yours is widely unsupported.

Also, this feature is not exactly the worlds most popular feature, so the number of people cancelling over it can likely be counted on one hand...