Allow Password Managers and Symbols

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Allow Password Managers and Symbols


It's a fundamental security problem to not allow pasting of passwords for the Dish account login. I have dozens, maybe hundreds of accounts on different places. I can't remember all those passwords, and reusing any password on different sites is a problem.


Stop preventing pasting of passwords. No matter what your developers or IT people think, this is fundamentally stupid from a security standpoint. There is plenty fo research to back this up.


Second, limiting to letters/numbers dramatically shrinks the domain of possible passwords and also encourages people to use dictionary words, which are more likely to be attacked in a brute force manner. Please stop this as well.

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Re: Allow Password Managers and Symbols

DISH Employee

Hi way0utwest! Thank you for your feedback. Account security is very important and we will work with our IT security team to assess to viability of making an update to the characters available and the pasting of passwords.