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Vegas Golden Knights

How come Dish Network refuses to add the Vegas Golden Knights on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, even though we pay the same amount for our programming as every other city that has a NHL team and gets to see their games? I was promised when I switched to Dish that I would be able to see the Vegas Golden Knights play on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. I now realize I was lied to by the salesperson in order to get me to sign up knowing I couldn't cancel once I turned on my TV and realized that they didn't carry the team and apparently have no desire to carry the team. They keep telling me "it costs too much" but they won't say how much it costs... meanwhile it is costing me hundreds of dollars to be able to stream their games since Dish won't pick up the feed. At the very least we should get a discount since we have to pay for Regional Sports Networks here in Las Vegas and the ONE TEAM we have that is covered by a RSN isn't shown. 

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Re: Vegas Golden Knights

I was told the same thing when we signed up with Dish, that we would get the games. That was an outright lie. When I called them on it I was told they were "working on it" but a whole season went by and nothing. I don't expect Dish to have the games next year either. I will be cancelling and paying the penalty and getting Direct TV where I can also get the NFL Sunday Ticket package.