Summary of lost sports on DISH

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Summary of lost sports on DISH

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I am sure that I will miss a few items, but here is a running list of what DISH has made us sports fans, their "valued customers", miss recently:


MLB - Fox Regional Sports (gone) / FS1 (gone) / Fox Local (gone)

MLB Playoffs - FS1 (gone)

College Football - Fox Regional Sports (gone) / FS1 (gone) / Fox Local (gone) / Big 10 Network (gone)

NFL - Fox Local (gone) / NFL Network (selectively gone)

NHL - Fox Regional Sports (gone)

MLS - Fox Regional Sports (gone) / FS1 (gone)


and NOT coming soon to a TV near you...

NBA - Fox Regional Sports (gone)


DISH is working to make sure that they reach any, and every sport out there that some "loyal customer" might enjoy.  No reason to exclude anyone at this point!    


This has to come to an end.  I am going to log onto Spectrum's website as soon as I hit "post" on this message and see what I can get set up with them.  It is really sad that it has come to this as I have enjoyed DISH for many years, but enough is enough.  Thanks DISH!





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Re: Summary of lost sports on DISH

This is the last straw for me too. My contract is up in December and I am not even considering a renewal with Dish after all the channels lost or unavailable in the past 2 years. My price has not decreased with the removal of channels....