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Please add CW Network

Character Actor

Please add the CW Network to the Columbus MS local network market. There is a CW in this market and it did use to be included but for some reason it was dropped. MeTv has recently been added so it would be great if the CW could be added as well!! I miss watching Supernatural on my tv and would like to not have to watch it through the CW app on my ipad or even have to wait until it is added to Netflix. Please add the channel back. Thanks so much!!

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Re: Please add CW Network

Character Actor
I’m located in the Steubenville/Wheeling market, and Dish does not offer the CW here (even though it is available). Considering the cost for local channels has gone up, Dish should definitely be providing us with access to the CW!! We pay more for local channels but receive less. And, I know that it is Dish’s decision whether to offer the CW or not, so they can’t blame anyone else for our frustration. Please allow me to watch the CW!!!