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We conservatives need a choice.  Please bring us One America News Network.  We are tired of Google and the Fake news media.  Stop being so damned "leftist" that you won't give us equal time.  Directv has had it for years and I will have to switch to them if we don't get some action soon.  Many others on here have been requesting it also.  Your insane reason "we don't have enough interest in it" is totally bogus and just more fake news!.

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OAN not being on Dish is not political at all. Dish was the first to carry the Blaze. They still have the Blaze, until it closes up operations later this month(I believe it is). The issue with OAN is that OANN decided to pay Directv to carry them, and then is now demanding everyone else pay them... due to the demand, and them devaluing themselves, it is not a good deal. If they offered the same deal Directv got, probably be on by now. One thing about Charlie Ergen, is he does not mix his political beliefs with his business decisions. Money is not red or blue, but green. If the deal makes sense, then the channel is added. If it doesn’t, it is either removed until it does, or never added. Refer to Fox News(which is the number one rated news channel) or CNN. Both were removed from Dish for approx the same amount of time, due to the financial conversation and the demand asked for it. Having a lot of people watch or request a channel isn’t the only factor, as there are monetary limits to them.