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Please give us NBCsc add on for Flex pack,  I will pay the same as I did to get FS1.  This is crap that NBC holds us to buy a bigger channel package just to watch NASCAR.  I wrote this letter to NBCSC.  


Please let Dish offer the  option to add this channel to the Flex pack. I don’t mind paying to watch your channel but I won’t upgrade to 200 channel package just to watch the rest of Nascar.  I payed and extra $12 a month for the Fox FS1 just for the first half of the Nascar season.  I guess I’m done with Nascar. They wonder why their why their viewers and attendance have gone down.  This is one reason.  I know there are a lot of people that want this.  Dish says it because you (NBCsc) won’t let them offer it to this package..  


So Goodbye NBC and Nascar


Robert Aubry

20 year Nascar Fan