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Re: Bring back TVJapan

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I just switched to xfinity/comcast they offer T.V. Japan for $10.00 a month and also have T.V. Japan On-Demand in HD included. As for the people waiting for Family Gekijyo, the channel offers some Japanese programming but most of it is a decade old and there are not many variety shows. It is not worth the price at all. 

Re: Bring back TVJapan


My Family just dropped the Dish Japanese channel, the new program was not worth the price and did not bring anything of valvue to the household.  We so miss the original programming already.  


Re: Bring back TVJapan

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Please bring back TV Japan.  As a 16 year DISH customer, TV Japan was one of the reasons why we use DISH TV.  We've always been satisfied with DISH TV and their customer service.  I understand the decision to stop TV Japan was not made by DISH.  However, if the cost of continuing TV Japan with DISH was a cost factor, please reconsider.  We would pay extra to have TV Japan.  The replacement Japanese programming Family Gekijyo is not enjoyable at all and not worth the price.  I discussed my frustrations with a DISH customer rep via telephone and he graciously implemented a monthly reduction in my monthly bill for 3 months.  I appreciate that.  I've voiced my feeling thru this venue, phone calls, and online with a DISH representative.  All understand my/our frustrations but this is above their level.  This needs to be addressed with the CEO...the decision makers.  Their inability to properly inform their customers of the discontinuance of TV Japan is not acceptable.  The attempt to replace TV Japan with 2 cartoons, and a teenage drama show more than 20 years old is not worth the same price we paid for TV Japan and is not acceptable.  Your program update on the menu board informed us of new Japanese programming being added on May 7, 2018.  I checked and nothing has changed.  Again this is unacceptable.  We really want to have TV Japan returned.  I checked other companies to see if they offered TV Japan and no luck thus far.  As I mentioned earlier, I've been happy with DISH but the way DISH management handled the discontinuance of TV Japan is unacceptable. 


My suggestion for DISH leadership / management is be honest, caring and support your customer service representatives by being upfront so they can better provide quality customer service. 


Earlier in this text I discussed new Japanese programming being added today, May 7, 2018.  Nothing has changed.  Why??  You informed us of additional programming yet as of this communication, nothing has changed.  I would like an answer as a paying customer.  I made a decision in April not to discontinue Japanese programming pending the results of the implementation of the additional Japanese programming.  This also included a decision not to discontinue my service with DISH.


I hope you will do the right thing and be honest and forthcoming with a response.  I thank you in advance to listening to my concerns and hope that DISH will to what is necessary to bring back TV JAPAN.