ACC Network. Do the math

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ACC Network. Do the math

Character Actor

56.7% of households in the USA watch college football, the second most popular sport behind the NFL.

Dish is in 10 Million households.

Each game averages nearly 2 million viewers


The reigning National Champion, Clemson Univeristy, is in the ACC.



DirectTV is carrying ACC Network. Do not force your subscribers to make a decision. College football is religion. Weddings are planned around football season in the South. This is not a gamble Dish can win.


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Re: ACC Network. Do the math

Audio Engineer

I agree, but to use the DirecTv thing with Dish is pointless.

They don't care enough about losing there long time customers due to HBO, they certainly don't care about ACC.

Re: ACC Network. Do the math

Screen Writer
Did you factor in the number of college football viewers that want to watch PAC12 and will not be able to on Directv?

Re: ACC Network. Do the math

Character Actor

It's an East Coast / West Coast (time zone) thing. The PAC 12 Network does not have a lot of appeal to folks on the East Coast because the night games keep us up too late and the afternoon games conflict with the Prime Time ACC/SEC/B1G games.

Not a lot of folks in the Eastern and Central Time Zones would willing pay for the PAC12 Network. However when I was in the Pacific Time Zone, I loved getting pretty good college football at 9:00 AM on Saturday.  Diretv understands the comparative value of the PAC12 Network vs the B1G/SEC/ACC networks.

Just one guys opinion, of course.