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When you purchase warrant protection from dish you are told by the agent you talk to. Said your equipment and TV are cover for a price per month, and you pay it think you are cover.  When you finally call to used the warrant after tech come and it is not dish equipment but it is the TV. You call to use the warrant. You told by one dish agent that plan do not existed. Then tell you to hold on after few second the agent come back to the phone they do have it but plane you have only cover the the dish equipment. Then you ask to speak to there suporvisor the supervisor said they don't have the plane while on the phone someone tell the suporvisor they have the plane. Something worng when talk to the agent of dish and they don't even know what warrant they are selling. Some thing worng . Makes your company look bad when you have people who repersent your company and you get different answer from agents you talk to.

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Re: warranty

Production Manager

This will be a simple answer. Do you have the Dish Protect Silver plan for $8.99?