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time to switch provider


I am thinking of changing providers. I have been with Dish for years but I have been geting offers from Direct TV for $35.00 a month. I am also a Mediacom internet and phone cutomer. I can get a better price from both providers. I am wondering if Dish would give me a better deal If I were to ask. What is your thoughts?

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Re: time to switch provider

Associate Producer

what have you got to lose, just call & ask for retention.

Re: time to switch provider


Make a list of what you watch - channels, shows, etc, - then compare what you get for that $35 vs. what you get with dish.  Also look to see when the price is scheduled to increase - 1 year, 6 months - as that is an intro offer to get you to switch.  You may also consider cutting the cord with Apple TV, sling tv, Or Roku tv.  Some channels like hbo and cbs have their own subscriptions, others require a Comcast, dish, or direct tv account. Also look at over the air channels available in your area.  Definitely do your homework.  In my location when I compared based on what we watch, dish wins hands down.  Good luck.

Re: time to switch provider

DISH Employee

Hello Papillion. Thank you for reaching out to us with you concerns. I'd be p;eased to take a look at your account to see what offers may be available for lowering your bill. May you please provide me with your phone number, and security pin in a private message so that I may access your account?

Re: time to switch provider

Camera Crew

Hello papilllion,   I was with DirecTV for over 20 years, and I am here to say,  My bill started out at about 40.00 per month I finnaly got feed up with there constintly raising Prices and very poor Service since AT&T bought them out,  Please let me say that it's a nightmare.  My bill before I made the big Switch was 169.97 per month,  that 35.00 per month may be for Directv Go or Now and you need a very good internet connection to view anything and Try and get on the Web sites another nightmare,  It works very seldom and is very furstating. 


I am sure if you call Dish and speak to retention they will help you out with very kind people, Directv after all those years told me to go try a different provider,  So needless to say I did and I have been extermely happy so far,  Just hoping about hearing all the Local Channels getting lost and that might be a stopper for me with any satelite company and that is for the Fact i live out in the toolies and I cannot get my Locals here.   So needless to say if I lose my Locals I may have to do something diffenent too. 


Dish is always trying to make our Experience better but if they can't keep the locals they are going to lose a ton of customers.


Good luck what ever you choose and I hope I helped you make a choice.  I was very hard for me after all those years with one provider but I am glad at this point.