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So we moved, I called said we bought a new house which was in escrow. I called and was told no problem just call us and give the new address. Escrow was only a a week away so no worries. The escrow fell through, I called back and told the rep my situation and that I wasn't sure when we would get into a new house but I didn't want to pay my current charges since I wasn't using my Dish. I was told no problem, will put the account on hold until you get a new residence. I asked several times about my current channels and billing, I was told it all be the same except for the term of the contract. The rep said the contract would be extended while the account was on hold. I called on 11/14/17 and told the rep I was ready to get my service started, I got my install date and all was good. Well got my email notification about my Dish bill. Checked the bill and the charges I had which was the TV 2 Year Guarantee
America's Top 200 for $59.99 (reg $74.99) was gone and I was being charged the full price of $74.99, on top of that I lost the $5.00 discount for equipment in DVR Savings 14 of 24. I called and the rep advised that I lost all promotions when I placed my account on "pause". I advised the rep that I asked that question several times when I called before about moving options and was told you would be billed the same. I told the rep that if I had been advised that I would have lost my promotions I would have continued to pay full price. He said he couldn't do anything as that was the policy, he said all he could was fill a paper with my issues and I would be contacted within 3 to 5 business days. I have to say I am extremely disappointed and if I I can't recover my prior promotions I'll cancel my Dish account.
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Re: moving

DISH Employee
That is definitely no good, and I can look up more information to see if there has been any update regarding that. It is true though that pausing the account forfeits any promotions, so if that wasn't communicated correctly I apologize. I'll send it along on my side to ensure it is reviewed.

If you would like me to check the status of this out, just send me a PM with the account or phone # and 4-digit pin.