frustrated-defective Joey returned my contract was extended

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frustrated-defective Joey returned my contract was extended

I originally agreed to a 2 year contract with dish satellite tv service.

I ordered a Joey extender several months ago to be able to view satellite tv in one of the bedrooms at my home.

However, after the tech installed the Joey extender it never worked correctly it disconnected constantly & displayed an error 404 message.

I called customer service several times & they were never able to resolve the error message, so I cancelled the Joey extender service & returned the Joey equipment back to Dish.

Now I’m being told since I ordered extra equipment my service contract was extended. However, the Joey equipment was returned & extra service was cancelled due to the service not working correctly.

I have already satisfied the original two year commitment. I don’t think it was fair to extend my contract for a service that never worked.

I want to see a copy of my original contract agreement as well as anything in writing showing an extended agreement and I would like to see something in writing showing that if defective equipment is returned & cancelled how this effects the agreement. Since the joey Service never worked correctly and was returned this should have voided the agreement.

Can I get a copy of all signed agreements with dish? Also, can I get a document showing the joey service was canceled and the equipment was returned?

I'm now reading many of the same type of complaints on the consumer affairs website complaining of the same situation and I have logged and posted a complaint on consumer affairs website.

Roland Travis Vest
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Re: frustrated-defective Joey returned my contract was exten


Posting your email to a public forum is very rarely a wise move. Also, Dish would never post private information in a public forum. If a copy of the contract is not in your email, then PM a person here whose name is in orange, they work for Dish.

Re: frustrated-defective Joey returned my contract was exten

Roland, please send me a PM with your phone number and 4 digit PIN so that I can review this
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator

Re: frustrated-defective Joey returned my contract was exten

Casting Director
The contract is for the equipment, also for the installation. Returning the Joey does not void the contract. It is still under the Dish’NUp promotion. Did you sign the techs tablet before he left? That was your contract, also stating that everything was installed to your satisfaction, and working correctly.