another disappointed customer

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another disappointed customer

Have been a dish customer for over 25 years and just lost sat signal so after troubleshooting I called tech support for help. after troubleshooting the same things with tech rep over the phone, she tells me my equip is old and outdated wants to get me new equip, I tell her my budget is maxed and I cant afford a larger bill. After much button pushing she tells me my equip is the problem and needs to be replaced. So.....I am without service for 5 days until an installer comes to my house. ( Maybe I can learn to live without this quickly declining programing after all.) Here is the kicker...the tech on the phone tries to sell me a special Nat Geo program for an extra fee that actually airs before the install !! REALLY... she just asked me to pay for a program that will air before my TV is even fixed! I called her on this and she said well there is a different program coming up the following week that I might be interested in.......I think I am no longer interested in DISH I have no contract, I no longer feel loyal to this company that only wants to sell me something else rather than customer satisfaction...I thought I had requested tech support not the sales department...and they were even substandard at that IT IS TRUE THAT THE CUSTOMER IS NO LONGER VALUED
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Re: another disappointed customer

DISH Employee
I can understand that concern, and older equipment shouldn't be the cause of signal loss. The technician definitely sounds like it would be the best option that way they can check everything out.

All companies will try to upsell customers, that doesn't make them a sales position though. However I will send your feedback forward regarding that. If you still require assistance on this, or if the problem persists after the tech goes out, please let us know.