Worst customer service ever

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Worst customer service ever

I called in on Jan 17th stating we had sold our house in Georgia and would be moving to Texas for good on February 4th and needed to return my boxes before I moved. I stated I would like to have service up to Feb 2nd and I'd be moving for good on the 4th.

I was just trying to cancel my service and return your equipment back to you. I told the representative that I was being relocated back to Texas and would be in corporate housing for 3 or 4 months so I no longer needed service of any kind.

Instead of cancelling my service or even listening to what I was trying to tell her and sending out my boxes as requested she stated since I was such a loyal customer she'd give me $40 off my next year. I told her no, I just wanted to cancel and return the equipment.

She then asked me what my new address was going to be so she could transfer my service to that location. I told her I was being put up in temporary housing with all my utilities and cable being paid by my company. I guess she didn't understand as she still tried to get me to transfer to my new location.

She then asked me to pause my service and once I move I can reconnect, after sitting through 15-20 minutes of her trying to keep me as a customer, I explained again I just want to cancel my service, get me my return boxes sent to me so I could return everything back to Dish.

When I returned to Georgia to help my family prep for the movers and I did not see the return boxes anywhere so I called Dish again. They stated they wouldn't send the boxes out until 2 weeks after I cancelled. I told them we are flying out on soon and not coming back. I was basically told, it is your responsibility to return them if not we will charge you the market rate for the equipment.

I called in 2+ weeks before I was moving asking for return boxes and to cancel my service yet somehow I was in the wrong? Perhaps if you trained your representatives to listen instead of trying to convince them not to cancel their service we wouldn't be in this situation.

So I just spent another 10-15 minutes on the phone with another representative telling them to now send the boxes to Texas so I can return these boxes to Dish, and now tell me it will cost me $10 per box to return the equipment. This was not mentioned the first time through so I wonder if they have to send out multiple boxes they charge you for them?

I was considering using Dish in Texas prior to this experience, but now I will not be using Dish in the future, will not recommend Dish to anyone in the future. I will now be a cutting the cord customer and be utilizing streaming services instead of Dish.

A frustrated consumer.
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Re: Worst customer service ever

DISH Employee
Our retention department is required to provide all of our customers all the alternative and available options before the account is completely disconnected.

In many cases existing customers are not aware they have options such as DISH Pause or DISH Move In Deal. This is why the representative took a couple of minutes from your day to ensure you were provided all related information.

At the time of disconnection we do disclose that DISH will be providing pre-addressed shipping labels and appropriate sized boxes at $10 each. This saves both you and DISH time and reduces the room for error. This was agreed upon in your service agreement as well.

If you prefer, I can email you the shipping labels/stickers? If so, please send me a Private Message with your phone number, email address and 4 digit security PIN in order to do so.

Re: Worst customer service ever

Visual Engineer
For what it's worth, some people call Dish to cancel, then complain about horrible customer service because Dish let them go too easily. Ie: many people cancel to get the lowest possible price out of them. Similarly, I must have been on the phone for about an hour when cancelling my old cable and switching to Dish. All of the pay TV providers do it. At my cable company as soon as I said cancel, they transferred me to a "customer retention specialist".

I've always heard 10 days on the boxes but I guess that's business days so probably the same as what you got told.

There's a return shipping charge even if they only send boxes once. It's true that it is generally easier to return cable stuff since they are usually in the same town or at least nearby. Some people think they shouldn't charge the return fee since it leads to the feeling you are expressing. However, when companies don't charge for a specific cost separately, this really means they just add it into something else. The boxes do need to get shipped and processed, the shipper charges money, and one way or another the customer pays all of a company's costs. So either way is OK with me.