When you REALLY need the weather channels

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When you REALLY need the weather channels

Visual Engineer
The whole state of Florida will be affected by hurricane Irma, but when you really need important info, a huge blob of orange and red on the radar passes over the signal beam and signal is lost for over 20 minutes.
A reason why I have an antenna to receive all the local channels that are covering the storm all day and tomorrow. Coverage is so important that NBC8 will be showing the Sunday night football on sister station channel 38. And Fox13 will be showing games on 'movies' channel 13-2
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Re: When you REALLY need the weather channels

Antenna is a good backup plan, as is a generator for when the power goes out, and a radio for when the TV transmitter loses power/floods. The laws of physics are unfortunately not suspended for a hurricane.

Learned this the hard way going through too many tornadoes.