Ways to save without losing channels

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Ways to save without losing channels

We have the top 200 package, a hopper and joey, and our budget just keeps getting tighter and tighter (especially this time of year). I know new customers always get the offers and what not, but is there anything that a longer time member might be able to get a break on? I've looked into other packages but some of the main channels we want, the lowest package you get them in is the top 200 (Disney Jr, Nick Jr, BBC America, etc). We love having dish, we've experienced the others before coming to dish, and don't want to go back.. lol.

Any thoughts on ways to save? I looked into the Flex pack, but adding in the extras to get some of the channels we want, ended up getting the price just as high as the top 200.
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Re: Ways to save without losing channels

Casting Director
Flex is the inexpensive choice. If you want to pay less you need to decide which channels are the most important. Sports and kids programming are what increases the price so if those are a necessity expect to pay more.