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VIP222k receiver return

Character Actor

My dad has moved to an assisted living facility and canceled his Dish service. They sent a box to return his receivers, a 222k and a 211z. The box was way to small for the 222k and I called back to request a bigger box. They sent the same size box, but the return instructions where different. It only showed a 211k or 211z needed to be returned.


I called and the CSR told me not to return the 222k or the LNB.


Before I send the 211z back, I will like to verify this.

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Re: VIP222k receiver return

DISH Employee

Good Afternoon! That is correct, we would not need the 222K receiver back. 

Here is a list of the receivers required to be returned:

  • All Hopper and Joey models
  • ViP 722 / ViP 722k
  • ViP 211k / ViP 211z
  • Wally

We do require the LNBF to be returned, unless you are not able to remove this from the dish safely. In that case, we would need to note your account so you aren't charged for not returning it. If you will send a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4-Digit Security Code, I will be happy to make sure we get that taken care of for you.