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Unhappy Customer

I had DIRECTV for 13+ years, and only switched to DISH due to continued cost increase.   In the time I was with DIRECTV I may have contacted them 3 times for issues.  NEVER did I have the problems I experienced with DISH today.

3 1/2 hours, 6 people later, I am finally granted a technician visit a week from now.  Briefly, tried chat...that didn't work.  1st call, 2 people, redoing what had already been done thru Chat, but  now connected with Broadband department to be told contact my internet provider and have my personal network password changed.  (As, password on DLink is not being recognized by Hopper)

Gee....AT&T basically laughed at me......  Technician took time to explain why internet network password HAS NOTHING to do with DISH WiFi setup.

Back on phone with DISH.  Get to repeat everything again to a new 4th person.  Who after 15 minutes, then states "oh, please hold.... I need to transfer you to Broadband Department."  At this point, my blood is boiling because I asked for that from the beginning; but due to DISH's protocol I get to waste another 15 minutes.

So now talking with a Broadband technician, 5th person. Repeat story.   I have explained, Hopper is in Living Room.  Internet connection is in Bedroom.  DISH Technician installed a DLink to my Netgear, and installed a Joey in Bedroom.  Broadband technician's comment..."so how do you expect the Hopper to talk to the Joey."  Not the comment/question I hear at this point.  How in the bugger would I know, your technician set this up.  My comment...I want a manager. 

I am then connected to Supervisor Crystal, who I now get to explain this situation to a 6th time.  She is as condescending and unapologetic as anyone I've ever  had to deal with.   6 people, repeating the exact same steps with each of theses people and 3 hours later I have every right to be frustrated and annoyed.  I am paying for service, that your employees are acting like they are doing me a favor.  My parting comment to the oh so customer driven supervisor, was she needs to learn some service skills and install them in her employees also. 

I have been in management positions for 20+ years for physicians.  If I had ever spoken to one of our patients the way your staff spoke to me, I would have been fired.    I now understand why DISH has poor customer service ratings and if this is to be an example of what is to come, at the end of my 3 year contract I'll pay more and return to DIRECTV.
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Re: Unhappy Customer

DISH Employee
I totally understand and there are some things I want to check with you to make sure we're on the same page.

Did they walk you through running a Network Connection test and if so, did it show you had connection?

Are you trying to order a movie or watch your programming on the go?