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Unable to bundle


at the end of Febuary, i choose to bundle with hughes net. and dish. i made several called and was told i would have to contact hughes net in order to get phone and internet. i did so and call dish after  hooking up installation was completed . they then inform me that THEY could not bundfle due to contract rights and commitments they have made with the other providers including hughes net. i have agrued with them several time until i fully understood that they could do nothing.  i do  nolt under stand why they do not have proper communication between departments so that this could have been avioded and they would have a happy customer. i hate being misled and lied to, that how i feel now. but since i have experienced other satallite companies and will not change serevice i am staying with DISH. 

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Re: Unable to bundle

Screen Writer
Dish does not bundle with a HughesNet. Dish has DishNet which uses HughesNet service. I’m wondering if you have a pay in advance account, as those are ineligible to bundle anyways.