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Trying to cancel service


Have been on the phone waiting to cancel Dish service now.  Been listening to nice music.


Reason for cancel, is because my TV service no longer works.


Week ago, found that my 722k was faulty (after many years of good TV service).  Tech support sent another 722k, but after a day or two of TV service coming back, now the receiver no longer starts up.


Shows "Dish Network Starting Up" for 10 seconds, and then screen goes blank and you can hear the machine trying to rev up.


I need TV, so I need to cancel.  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Trying to cancel service


was able to reach a person after a 45 minute wait.


Aaron was the rep's name, very very polite.


He very nicely:

1) asked for the reason for cancellation

2) offered technical support

3) offered reduction in fees

4) offered to put the account on hold

5) after I refused 2, 3, 4, helped to complete the cancellation


Thank you DISH for a great 11 years.  Rough last couple weeks but maybe will return if other services do not work out.



Re: Trying to cancel service

I called to cancel my service today because we have service only about 25 percent of the month it cuts out every time it rains, sprinkles or storms, we already got another provider today and the rep told me we have to pay 320. Before they will cancel because we have to pay out our contract, they give you no option to make make payments no help at all, my husband and I are both on disability and can not afford 2 services a month, I just can't understand how a company can make you pay for such horrible service.