Totally Inconsistent DISH Idiocy

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Totally Inconsistent DISH Idiocy


I want to pause my service. I call a Dish Rep to do it. He cannot pause my service because "my equipment is out of date". I tell him my equipment works fine, but I do not want Dish service ATM, so why would I need new equipment.
No he says, he cannot pause my service until he has sent new equipment?
Well, says I, I would not bother to install it anyways because what I have now is working fine, and its not like I want to see more advertisements in HD.
And since I'm not going to use your service for 6 months, why bother me with new equipment right now in order to pause my service?
After much too-ing and fro-ing, the "back office boys" got it paused.
What's gong to happen next year when I want to un-pause the Dish service?


YUP, I will have to move to Comcast!
They supply my Internet anyways. So, if Dish insists on new equipment, it'll be Comcast I deal with!

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Re: Totally Inconsistent DISH Idiocy

Casting Director
If the equipment is grandfathered and no longer being activated on accounts(almost all SD equipment) then you will need to update it coming out of pause. If getting new equipment is too much to continue service that you will switch to another provider to continue service, with you guessed it, new equipment, then that just might be the answer.