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Terminating service

I moved to a new home and because it's a historic building I was told I could not put the dish on the building. I was told by tech that we could try installing a pole with the satellite but the wires would be exposed over a walkway and people could trip and ruin connection etc. the tech wrote a report twice in front of me saying that the installation could not be done and yet dish customer service refused to accept this. They claimed there was no note of this but the tech wrote and spoke to local supervisor in front of me. I haven't had the service in a while bc installation was not done and I am getting billed regardless. I want to return the box and be done with this and I need some help doing so.
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Re: Terminating service

DISH Employee
Can you please send us a private message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN?

Re: Terminating service

Visual Engineer
Anyone having problems with installing a dish because of community, HOA, rental rules, should search for and refer to FCC OTARD rules. In almost all cases [a few exceptions], installing a dish or antenna can not be denied.

Re: Terminating service

d4g4m wrote:
Anyone having problems with installing a dish because of community, HOA, rental rules, should search for and refer to FCC OTARD rules. In almost all cases [a few exceptions], installing a dish or antenna can not be denied.

Good advice, but OP is not being denied. The rules most certainly do allow restrictions on *where* it can be installed, and historic preservation is explicitly listed.

"The rule allows local governments, community associations and landlords to enforce restrictions that do not impair the installation, maintenance or use of the types of antennas described above, as well as restrictions needed for safety or historic preservation."

So running cables across a public walkway is also not going to be an option. I wasn't there, so I can't say if there are other options regarding where the pole would be placed or where the wires could run.

Re: Terminating service

Character Actor
Not on historic building, understood. Pole ok for LOS but cable route from pole blocked by walkway, understood. Mover, so still in commitment term, has to pay term fee or monthly service fee, understood. Options?

1) Move.

2) Either yourself or have a contractor install a chase/conduit under the walkway for cables to go through.

3) Pay the termination fee.

4) Continue paying monthly service charge even though you will not be receiving service.

The contract applies because you chose to move, and DISH has no control over installation requirements at your new home. It sucks, but its what you agreed to. Options 2 or 3 are really the only reasonable ones.

Re: Terminating service

BE HAPPY that you don't have DISH. They could have done a lot more damage in the interior of your home. My tech showed up with his assistant (trainee) a month over two years ago here in Ft Myers FL. The senior tech drilled a cable hole in my floor to hook up my bedroom TV. I was NOT told by my sales person that I could have got a remote unit that did not require a cable hole drilled in my floor for only $50 more at that time!

I warned him to not let his drill catch a part of the carpeting. I even handed him a new blade sharp cutter to cut a X in the carpet. His could not cut hot butter. He just looked at me like I was a typical unknowledgeable home owner. I am a licensed building general contractor. I left the room not wanting to Micro manage him. I trusted that he was smart enough to drill a hole without wrecking my carpeting.

HE WAS NOT! He tore a two foot long runner in my Berber carpeting [u:33hnuu2i]and tried to hide it.[/u:33hnuu2i] He did not tell me about the damage. I had a rolling cart that held the TV. He rolled it over the damage. I found it before I signed the order and asked him a "what the F happened?" He told me that he was going to tell me about it... and forgot!. He said to not worry, that the company would replace or give me the money for my bedroom carpeting. They would NOT...

The vendor contractor that Dish employs here in Ft Myers only offered me $100. I will be cancelling after the Super Bowl broadcast.... after over ten (10) years with Dish they can kiss me where the sun does not shine. I do mean my lily white behind! I have waited over two years to be able to say that. Every time (for two years!) I have walked by that tear in my carpet, I think about the installer that I warned about the carpeting.... and the Idiot still destroyed it.

He tried to install the code from my Wi-Fi unit and could not read the large install screen on my Living room TV as he has a vision problem. He does not ware eye glasses. His assistant had to do it for him... I have a 65" TV. He was standing two feet from it!

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Re: Terminating service

DISH Employee
Can you send a private message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN?

Returning equipment

Don't make the mistake I did. I terminated my DISHNet and am now being told I didn't return the modem even though I did. I returned the modem and the TRIA per the shipping instructions but despite that I am told they didn't receive the modem and am being charged $99. I am so upset...there is no reason why I would keep the modem. I have DSL now and the DISH equipment is not compatible. I called and spoke to a manager and she told me that according to the warehouse they scanned the TRIA but not the modem so that means I didn't send the modem back. If you send anything back to DISH make sure to pack in separate boxes so that way you have individual tracking numbers for each item. Of course that doesn't stop them from saying you didn't. I don't know, maybe take a photo of the contents for evidence.

Re: Terminating service

Audio Engineer
I've done a number of electrical equipment installations where I had to run wires under an existing sidewalk, either privately owned or public. In most cases, all I did was dig a trench a little lower than and longer than the width of the sidewalk on one side, and a hole or trench on the other side depending on where the wiring was to be terminated. After that, all it took was a length of ordinary iron pipe with the ends capped, and a sledge hammer to drive it under the sidewalk. Once through and with the caps removed, in the case of direct burial low voltage, Ethernet, or coax wires, the wires were just fished through the pipe and buried after termination. For higher voltage 120VAC, etc, electrical conduit was either run through the iron pipe or used in place of the iron pipe, depending on the soil conditions. Some public sidewalks did require a permit from the responsible municipality though. Unless it's an extremely wide sidewalk, it's usually not a very difficult process, and one most residential electrician would be familiar with. Some even use commercial or homemade water drills to speed up the process. Bottom line, "where there's a will there's a way."

Re: Returning equipment

I also terminated Dish.  But they are billing me for February into March.  It also shows my receiver as "active" even though it is NOT active.

I was told I did not have to return the receiver as it's owner owned, but then a second employee told me that I had to return it.