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Switch Back To DirectTV

We haven't been happy with Dish for a while now. We were with Direct for 14 years. We switched because they were reluctant to switch out our old, antiquated equipment for newer. After cancelling our account they called us over and over again trying to get us back and were very willing to change out the equipment. Too late. :?

Our issue now with dish is that when it clouds up, or during light rain showers we lose reception. With Direct we only lost reception during heavy rains. With Direct if we had a problem and I have to say we only had two, they waived all fees since it was their equipment, and sent a tech out to resolve the issue. Dish wants us to pay to fix, or resolve the issue with[u:1vkoc07t] their[/u:1vkoc07t] equipment, or to purchase insurance, which I don't really want to do since my contract is up shortly and if I purchase the insurance I have to extend my contract.

My question is, should a person just switch every time the contracts run out because it seems like both companies will bend over backwards to get a new customer, but are very unwilling to do the same for loyal customers. :(
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Re: Switch Back To DirectTV

DISH Employee
Promotions may be available for existing customer and are based off of account history. We can review your account to let you know what promotions may be available for you. Please send me a PM with your phone number and 4 digit PIN to better assist.