Such Poor Customer Service.

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Such Poor Customer Service.

I am so frustrated. My 2 year agreement with dish is ending on 12/13/17. Spoke with a rep for almost an hour on new pricing package, new equipment, installation etc. We reviewed all the terms. Everything on recorded line.

After the call, I went to to review the pricing. Iit is NOT what was confirmed on the phone. I have copious notes on the call. New Rep told me what the crazy price would be. I told her to cancel new installation and I'll get service elsewhere. What a waste of time. What's amazing, with all the technology available today, I have no email confirming the pricing that is committed.

Tried so hard to stay with DISH. At the point, I'd rather pay more $$ with DirecTV than go through a "bait and switch" with Dish. SO frustrated on this terrible experience.
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Re: Such Poor Customer Service.

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Guess you did not read my post one down from yours, I had the same experience on the phone, found Dish Answers on Twitter, communicated with K.C., resolved all my issues. And to your other point I have all the communications saved and printed out, you talk using direct message on Twitter, so it's private and you have a copy of everything said. Twitter even sends you a copy of all communications via email seconds after your done. Also the other "service providers" are no better! Go read stuff on their sites forum, I did.
Hope this helps you, I was frustrated just like you, very happy now!