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Shady Business

I recently renewed my contract for another two years, and I provided the $100 Visa prepaid gift card promo code of Gift100. On the Dish website, there is no link for rules and regulations and the only fine print that was available says "Gift card courtesy of All offers require credit qualification. 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay." Seems like I would be eligible as a returning customer that signed up for another two years.

The customer service rep, went to talk to someone and they decided it was a mistake on the website and would be corrected. WHAT!!!! So I am eligible for the $100, but under further review, we changed the rules. Is it common for DISH to change eligibility requirements to suit them? It seems like a bait and switch move, and shady business practices.
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Re: Shady Business

As noted on their webpage, GoDish is a retailer. As noted in the offer, the card is from them. If you scroll down on that offer's page, it clearly says "Qualifying new DISH customers".

Dish never made the offer, so it's impossible for them to have changed it. There's no shade here, the sun couldn't be shining brighter.