Service Move - Cancellation

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Re: Service Move - Cancellation

Character Actor
They're assessing 20$ per month. I'm sure we could figure out a fair amount.

Re: Service Move - Cancellation

Casting Director
Fair is usually the agreed upon amount at the time of signing the contract. $20 for each UNCOMPLETED month. Even if you paid the full $480 at the beginning of the contract, they'd take a loss. It only helps to reduce some of the loss.

Re: Service Move - Cancellation

Visual Engineer
mcollard wrote:
However this could easily have been avoided by Dish. I appreciate the reason for the early termination fees, it's to protect the company from customers who jump from provider to provider.

I've been a customer for a long time, and I think I just lost my taste for it.

Jumping from provider to provider or "losing your taste for it" are the same to their bottom line.