Roof Leaking

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Roof Leaking

I had dish network service for several years in between 2000 and 2013. It could have been under my name or could be under my husband's name at our residence Attleboro MA 02703.

There are two different kind of dishes installed in my house. One is on roof of our SUN ROOM and the other one is on roof of our house. We just noticed that the one on our house has leaked roof and we see mold in our attic and it is now coming in to our Bathroom upstairs.

We called a repair person, he suggested us to contact Dish Network first, since there is mold under neath and he would not like to deal with it.

I am no longer active dish customer, and not sure how to bring this to dish network's attention. Need suggestions and advice please.
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Re: Roof Leaking

Casting Director
Very likely, there is not much you will receive from Dish. The reason is the approval of the setting, and time that has past. If you call Dish, you’d be looking for their damages department.