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Returning purchased equipment


Feb 28 I called to upgrade to the hopper 3. I discussed with the rep that there were shows recorded that we have not watched yet. And since someone would be out the next day, he told me that return boxes would be given to me by the installation person in order for me to have time to transfer the shows to the hopper 3. Great sounded like a great plan! The following day, March 1, 2018, the installation guy showed up. While we were waiting for the H3 to do what it does we started talking about the two receivers that were being replaced, I asked if he had the return boxes. He said no, we are supposed to take the receivers with us. I explained to him what was told to me. He said no you cannot transfer to the new H3 because the software isn’t the same, you will need an external hard drive. And so I spent the 149.99. After he left I hooked up one of the receivers to the ehd then preceded to check out the H3... Funny how right there staring back at me was an option to transfer... Gees and what do you know? It worked! I then became very um angry that I dropped money on something I didn’t need. I have call Dish twice explained all of this and was told both times a return label would be sent to my email. Still waiting... I want this resolved, I want my money back as well

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Re: Returning purchased equipment

Production Manager

Was your old receiver a Hopper? Hopper to Hopper can transfer recordings. VIP to Hopper, or Hopper preCUI requirean EHD to transfer.

Re: Returning purchased equipment

Community Manager
Community Manager

I can definitely see how this would be frustrating. We appreciate the feedback! On your own time, you can log in to, check your Order History, and then set up a return for refund on the purchased Hard Drive. 


For more detailed instructions on how you can set this up, check out our Return Center page here: and select accessories. 

Re: Returning purchased equipment

I have the same problem,I got a wireless Joey sent to me but didn't have a shipping label inside the box for a return.Ive called twice to get and listened as a customer service rep goes through the process asking all the questions and "supposedly " e mailing the label to me but of course you guessed it...nothing.Ive been a customer for 20years never had a problem until now,they have the worst customer service ever.I think the game is to put you off until the grace period expires for returning equipment so they can charge you the $250

Re: Returning purchased equipment

DISH Employee

Dodger66, we greatly value you as a customer. If you are unable to retrieve the label from the email, you can also find the information above when selecting on the link. It will have the return address for where to ship the receivers back to. 


If you have returned the equipment. Please PM me the phone number on the account and the 4 digit security PIN. I will review the account to be sure we have gotten it back. 


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