Reactivation after pause.

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Reactivation after pause.

We use the Hopper at home and a DVR in the RV. When we are not on the road, we keep that account on pause. When I reactivate, which often happens where I have a balance on that account, Dish requires an additional payment rather than debiting it from the balance on my account.
Does that make any sense?
Moreover, when I pause, I lose my discounts.
Does that make any sense?
My suggestions:
1. take amounts due on reactivation from existing account balance.
2. If balance is insufficient to cover the reactivation fee, then okay, ask for a payment.
3. Continue discounted services after reactivation.

Good customers deserve some consideration. Dish sets its priority at getting new customers rather than keeping their old ones happy.
Is that good business practice?
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Re: Reactivation after pause.

Casting Director
Pause has always forfeited any credits and promotions... if you have a credit balance larger than the amount to start up, no payment is necessary.