Partial Upgrade to Hopper

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Partial Upgrade to Hopper


Thinking about upgrading from Vip receivers to Hopper 3 for three TVs but would like to retain one Vip in a separate room for a fourth TV (it is a long story).  It is connected by coax to a splitter close to the antenna, so it doesn't sound like it should be a problem...but when I talked to customer service rep, I was told it could not be done.  Was wondering if that is really true or not.  My only reason for upgrading is to be rid of the problem of overlapping schedules on the few channels we actually use.  The 16 DVRs on the Hopper 3 would be overkill for that but it also comes with Sling which might be handy.

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Re: Partial Upgrade to Hopper

Screen Writer
They were correct. The only non Hopper equipment allowed on a Hopper account is up to 2 owned Wally’s or VIP211’s(aka up to 2 owned HD solo non DVRs)