Outrageous and deceptive service

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Outrageous and deceptive service


Been a customer of dish 18-20yrs. All my equipment including internet equipment was upgraded on 4/04/2018 "free of charge". I was not informed that there would be a 99.99 charge for the tech. On 4/22/18 I contacted customer service that I tried a fire stick only to discover that it drained my internet data within a week. And inquired how I could access netflix without it draining my date. The rep said no problem. I need to upgrade to a hopper and it would not effect my data. An appointment was scheduled for the next day. She told me it was $15 a mo. for the new receiver and no charge for the tech if I purchase the $8.99 tech plan. So i did.


When the tech (sam) arrived I questioned him about the data use before he started and told him that customer service said it would not effect my data. He told me that is not true. All I can do is record off my existing package. I have no need to record so there is no point in the install. I wanted access to netflix. He called his manager who yelled at him that he told me the truth about the data usage and that he should have installed it and left. Sam was very frustrated not only did dish customer service lie to me but that he was being asked to lie. This poor guy drove 1 1/2 hrs to do this install and had to cancel it on the spot.


I called customer service and spoke to alex to verify I would not be charged $15 mo, demanded he cancel the $8.99 tech plan and to return my package to the top 250 immediately with at no charge or I was going to another company after 20 years. I had just reduced my package to the top 120 because I thought I was getting netfix. Then told me I had to have a tech come out to do that. I was furious. Why? When I had the new epuipment installed I already had the top 250 on that receiver. I don't need a tech. He gave me some crap but i demanded he fix it on his end immediately. Obviously it was an attempt to hit me with another tech fee. He did restore my 250 pack within 5 min.


He had nothing to say about the lies told by the customer service rep or about the field manager who wanted his tech to lie. I am disappointed, as a long standing customer, that these types of practices are encouraged and it tarnishes YOUR companies name. Living in a rural area I only have 2 choices for service and from what I heard Direct tv is just as bad when it comes to deception. I never expected this from dish when I hae beed a loyal customer for so long. Thank god a technician had integrity.

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Re: Outrageous and deceptive service

DISH Employee

I'm sorry to hear you've had this experience with us during the upgrade, this is absolutely not the DISH way, as we want our customers to be satisfied after their install.


It sounds like there may have been some miscommunication regarding Netflix and data usage; upgrading to a Hopper system in itself will not use up the data, unless the Hopper is connected to the internet and the streaming services (Netflix or On Demand) are being used. 


What I would like to do now is review your account and see where we are now, and what options would be available to help satisfy you as a DISH customer. I'll be sending a Private Message momentarily so I can continue assisting you with the account-specific details.

Re: Outrageous and deceptive service

Character Actor

I also feel the same way! I have spent the last 2 days trying to get my DISH back up! I tried Spectrum becasue the Sale Rep told me that I could try it for less than 2 wks & then cancel & my internet monthly internet bill would go down $20! I never canceled DISH so that I could just switch back. The Spectrum tech that was here told me he had to disconnect the DISH in order to connect Spectrum. I have since found out that that is NOT true. I climbed into my overhead crawl space & checked it myself. There must be at least 500 ft of cable up there! Everyone has added there own, some more than once!

I called the Spectrum Sales Rep, who I thought was a nice young lady, 3 X & left her messages. She told me to call her if I had ANY problems. I have yet to hear back. 

I called Spectrum & told them the problem. I spoke with 6 people & I still don't have the problem solved! I got disconneted on the last one! Their "tech" dept person told me that Spectrum would reimburse me for any charges from DISH to reconnect because Spectrum's tech should not have disconnted my DISH. 

So, I called DISH since I have been a DISH customer for several yrs, I thought you would be glad to know that I was staying with you & not Spectrum! Not the case! I was told that I would be charged $150 UP FRONT for you to come out & reconnect my service! I called Spectrum back & told them & they thought it was "funny" that I would think Spectrum would reimburse me! 

So I have done the hard work myself! I followed the satelite cable to the box & then thru the attic. I found the cable that runs down the wall & out. I have reconnected everything & have done all the tests. The "switch test" shows green on-line. I can watch my recordings but not live TV.

I, like the other lady, can't afford $150 for a DISH tech. I have seen several posts where the DISH employee has said to PM them. I can't find any way to do that!? I need assistance here ASAP or I will post everywhere I can on social media about DISH's BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! If I receive assistance with this problem,without paying $150 I will know that DISH actually values me as a loyal customer!

Re: Outrageous and deceptive service

DISH Employee

Hello FedUP. I will be more than happy to look over your account for you. To PM us, you will want to;

1.Sign in to the community.
2.Click the message count or envelope icon to go to your Private Messages Inbox.
3.Click Compose New Message.
4.Enter the recipient's name (KarolenaP) in the Send to area.
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