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I was unaware that a service visit for a no-service trouble call was chargeable?  Not quite sure why this is but i feel it is a very bad business practice.  I really discussed me.  I will consider terminating my service at the end of my two years.  If service calls are that big of a deal then build it into the price unless it is a low-ball way to keep the price down until we get you.


I am not sure if it is the area i live in, Beaufort, SC or what but i think the technical onsite response time is too slow.  To be without dish service for the better part of 4 days is ridiculously slow.  My suggestion is to improve the response time for service outages to a maximum of no more than 24 hours.  My feeling about long periods of no service is "if i can go for more than half a week without it i can probably live without it completely".


There are other options available.

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Re: On-site service

Associate Producer

Dish has always charged for service calls, Direct Tv does the same.  (Paying extra for the Protection Plan lowers the cost if you need at home service).  

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Screen Writer
Since technicians come to work on customer owned equipment, such as the antenna and or cabling, there is a fee. This fee can be reduced from the $95 to $0-$10 with the protection plan which is optional. This way, those who do not have issues or like to work on their own equipment(there are many of us, I promise) it is not written into the price. Their main competition is the same way. Cable does bill it into their bill without a choice, but you do not own anything except the cabling that is on your property. You do not have the choice of working on your own equipment, since it will be at the node for cable.

Different areas have different response times, and that will be for every provider. For instance, I can usually get a Dish tech when ever I need one(usually just upgrades or something off the wall) within 1-2 days. I have Cox for internet, and it took them 3 months to get the correct tech out and hours later to finish installing a single line. The setup was not that hard, and was less than a 50 foot straight run of Ethernet cable.