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Number of receivers


Hi there,


I am wondering about the following. We have had a 722K since 2011. Since our daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter have moved back in with us. I have noticed a gradual filling of our DVR in the 722K. I was wondering what the maximum number of receivers we can add to our account would be? We are trying to get ahead of any conflicts. We are considering the VIP211K receivers as receivers for their use and we keep the 722K DVR for our use. We are hoping that we can get 3 receivers and 2 or 3 External Hard Drives.

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Re: Number of receivers

DISH Employee

Hi, ckbrownla! Thanks for reaching out! You can have up to 6 leased receivers on the account. You are able to add two VIP211's to the account and add external hard drives to those; however, there is a one time activation fee of $40 to add the hard drive to the VIP211's. 


Another option you have is to upgrade to the whole home DVR Hopper solution. You can do the Hopper with 2 Joeys for a total of 3 rooms. It would share the hard drive, and you would be able to watch the recordings in each room. Here is a link that will give you more information on our Hopper equipment: