New customer upgrading to hopper 3

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New customer upgrading to hopper 3


I have only had dish service 2 days. I chatted online with Dish about upgrading from the hopper sling to the hopper 3. I was told I would have to pay 150 dollars to upgrade. Had I known the one I have only has 3 receivers I would have chosen the hopper 3. At the time I ordered the service I was told the only difference between the two was 4k service. Since I do not have a 4k TV I did not chose the hopper 3. I feel I should not have to pay to upgrade. I switched from Direct TV and did not know anything about Dish receivers. As a new customer I am disapointed that I switched already.

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Re: New customer upgrading to hopper 3

Production Manager
There likely would have been a fee then as well. Otherwise the system would have automatically offered the H3.