New Account and Distance Networks

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New Account and Distance Networks

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. Here is the situation, I am a Canadian citizen. I am a freelance boat mechanic. I spend summers, exactly 6 months and 1 day in Canada. The remaining 5 months and 28 days I reside in an RV in states. Most years my work finds me in California, and Oregon. This year due to the hurricanes I will be in Florida and Texas repairing damaged vessels in unserviced and remote areas. I have both a Canadian satellite receiver, and a Dish VIP722. When in Canada I use the Canadian one, when residing in the US I would like to use Dish. My understanding is that there is a very specific package available for nomadic citizens like called "Distant Network Services". I am happy to provide my registration, and ID albeit Canadian and I maintain a US mailing service. I have no issue signing the required Dish document agreeing not to use the service in a permanent residence or outside of the US.

My question is should I speak to a specific department, or person to set up this account. I would prefer to get a legit account rather than rely on an American friend to do it for me. I'm trying to stay well within the requirements on both sides of the border but its hard to get someone to understand. So far the only advice I got was to make friends with an American and have them sign me up.

Thanks is advance for any help.

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Re: New Account and Distance Networks

Casting Director
Go to That is Dish’s RV setup team. Because Dish doesn’t directly and fully support RV setups, they do offer them service. Basically you purchase all the equipment(sounds like you have the receiver), and activate the service. It is a Pay in Advance, non contract service. It doesn’t have any discounts or promotions, but is what you’re looking for.