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Missing New Customer Gift Card

Never got my gift card
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Re: Missing New Customer Gift Card


Your not alone. Didnt get mine and after the rude phone call today asking why, it looks like I'm not. They offered a $300 credit to my bill but lied from day one about the gift card. Hey Dish, did you hope that your customers would forget? I called in the same week I got service (install date 4/20) and was told it was on the way. Six weeks later and now i dont qualify? What doesnt qualify, is it my credit score or the neighborhood I live in or did I fail the drug test? Spectrum is offering me $500 buyout to leave so why stay when lied to? And yes I'm just a littlw unhappy with your customer service at this point. 


Re: Missing New Customer Gift Card

DISH Employee

tracycheatham and jaswifty. If you may each send a Private Message, I'd be happy to look into this for you. Thank you. To send a PM please reference: https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039

Re: Missing New Customer Gift Card

Camera Crew
Unfortunately that sounds familiar, unfortunately it's a 3rd party that screwed me, Dish needs to do something about these liars

Re: Missing New Customer Gift Card

Costume Designer

Hi all that have had issues,


 I am here to say that Dish Sent my card to me 2 months after I had Dish Installed,  But beware that the Card comes in a envelope that had no writing on it to say what what in it.  until I opened it I would of never known it was in that mail,  I might of just tossed it in the Garbage Can without even knowing it.


So please check all your mail it may have came and you might not even know it came.  I was skeptical too, but I got it and it works well I used it to buy and Air conditioner and a few other odds and ends.  I don't think Dish is out to Screw anybody and it may just have been lost, but I am here to say I got everything they promised me and more. 


The Service people have been nothing but nice on the phone of the Chat.  It's so nice to get good people I can understand on the phone and are caring about their customers.   


I hope you get this resolved and I am sure Dish will get your card too you as promised.