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Installer No Show


It is very frustrating when the Installer of a DVR upgrade doesn't call and doesn't show up!
We upgraded the DVR on 12/31 and were given 01/02 appointment.
At 4PM we received a phone call that the installer went home sick with the flu. We rescheduled for Friday and no one showed up and when we called we were rescheduled for yesterday 01/09 and again no one called and no one showed up! We asked for a credit because we paid for this upgrade only to learn that it was being offered for free 2 days later. What a joke!

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Re: Installer No Show

DISH Employee
I would be happy to look into this with you today. Would you be able to send me a Private Message with your phone/account number and the 4-digit PIN please?

Installation costs are based on the credit check we run, and can vary even between DISH and our retailers as the retailers sometimes have additional charges.